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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  November 15, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight a baby abandoned outside a church has been gieve a name. a fire burns for four hours mainly because the hoses couldn't reach the top floors. changing wait we communicate on line. good evening. i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. fbi and irs agents raided multiple locations in the county. three police officers were arrested on charges involving guns, drugs and cohol. six others were taken into custody, and all of this as the county executive returned to work facing substantial prin time on charges of tampering with federal evidence. jackie bensen is in upper marlboro where it's been a whirlwind few days for county officials. darcy? >> reporter: this avalanche of publications has stunned prince
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george's county. county executive electricity rushern baker was bombarded with questions as roreporters asked m to comment on the case of jack johnson and three other reporters. >> i'm looking forward to lking about the type of governmente're having. >> reporter: earlier, johnson, who said he plans to remain in office until baker's swearing in was back on the job in upper marlboro. he was wearing an electronic monitoring device on his ankle, the result of an arrest by the fbi on friday on federal tampering charges. >> i'm going to remain strong. i'm going to finish what i started. >> across the ohhigohio river, charged sergeant richard delabro and chong chung kim of using
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money for untaxed cigarettes. those are a state of revenue for maryland and the federal government. >> they are collective efforts to enforce the law and ensure public trust. >> reporter: and there's more. a third prince george's county cop in virginia has been indicted on gun and cocaine charges. >> i'm outraged by this code of conduct demonstrated by our officers who tarnished our badge. >> reporter: isny of had connecd? officer rod rosenstein. >> we have a series of corruptions here in prince george's county, but we're not going to talk about what connections there might be in these investigations. >> federal officials say the investigations are not over. doreen, back to you. >> jackie bensen porting. thank you, jackie.
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prosecutors have decided to drop two more charges against the man accused ofilling chandra levy. the charges dropped against ingmar guandique today were for attempted kidnapping and attempted robbery. prosecutors say the statute of limitations ran out on the robbery charge. guandique still is facing two counts of murder. today one of his former cellmates testified. he said guandique never confessed to killing levy. that contradicts what was said by another inmate who says guandique had admitted to the murder. the jury will hear closing arguments and cod start deliberations tomorrow. there were aumber of arrests made for the military shootings. there have been five shooting targeting the museum, the pentagon and two recruiting centers. it started in mid-october. the shootingsave all been linked to the same weapon.
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a baby who was abandoned outside a church in fairfax county has a name now, but finding the child's mother is proving more difficult. john shiffern is the lenovo hospital with more on this. john? >> reporter: in the safe hven law, a parent who couldn't take care of their baby within 14 days can drop them off at a fi or police station. the mother made the next best choice. >> my initial reaction was thank d it was at a church where that baby was found quick skpl taken care of immediately. >> they're calling this cute newborn girl miracle. she was found late sunday morning before mass in this gym bag lying in the grs before church. with the umbilical cord still attached, a rishioner brought
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her inside, called 911 and the baby received immediateedical attention. >> it's a nice community wher it's full of loving families and people who really care about the community and the family, so the mother probably ought it was a place she could trust to have the baby cared for. >> while people still don't know who the mother is, the priest said he appreciated this gift brought to his doorstep. >> he named her mary. very appropriate for a catholic church. >> but what happens to baby mary now? fairfax county department of family servicesays the first step is to find her a new home. >> the first step is to find family or kin that might be able to take the child or care for the child. if that's impossible, quite often a foster care placement is the way to go. >> i feel wonderful, i really do. there are so many parents out there just waiting to adopt a child. and i know this baby will have a wonderful lif with whoever
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chooses to adopt it. >> but the department of family services says that is not the case. in fact, it says, for every certified foster and adopt active family in the system, there are about four kidswho need a home. there's no telling how long it will take baby mary to get adopted, but much of it depends on how long the baby will be here in the hospital. we're live here at fairfax nova hospital. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, john. on capitol hill today, congressman charles rangel walked out of an ethics hearing in protest. the democrat said he wouldn't stay without legal representation. his lawyers quit when he couldn't convince them he could pay a $2 million fee he's already rung up. rangel is facing 13 ethics violatio, including failure to report income on a villa in the dm dominican republic. a full ethics panel will decide his punishment if they approve.
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the most pressing iue are tax cuts for the lame duck session. the bush era wants to end tax cuts for people making more than $250,000 a yr, while republicans want everyone to continue getting a tax break, at least until the economy recovers, but in a change from last month, both sides are considering the possibility of comprose. the world' largest social network is taking on e-mail. facebook introduced a new messaging platform. they call it project titan. the product will merge texts, on-line chats and e-mails into one central hub. some people speculate the move is aimed to challenge google. facebook ceo says traditional e-mail is too slow and needs to st into the modern world of messaging. >> people will im and more people will message and more people will engage in this just because it's simpler and easier and helps people connect better. >> over the next few months,
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facebook users will get an e-il address as the system is rolled out. still ahead on news4 at 11:00, a huge fire ripped through a 28-story highrise as firefighters can't g water to the top floors. >> before you buy medicine for your pet on line, you might want to hear about some of the dangers involved in that. find out if a strike at "the biggest loseer" will affect what you see on tv. we have rain moving into the area, some aas light, some areas with moderate rain. i'll tell you what to expect when you wake up in the morning. akeem? >> alex ovechkin, the superstar, hits the small screen. some take totten with capital one bank's new checking with rewards,
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switch to fios today, now with no term contract required. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at. a huge fire ripped through a 28-story highrise in shanghai,
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china today. more than 50 people were killed, 90 others were injured. the government says more than 100 fire trucks responded. it took more than four hours to put out the flames, in part because fire hoses couldn't reach the top floor. there is no official word yet on what started this fire. the building was undergoing revations. the majority of people who live in the building are schoolteachers. the world race company is going to attempt to replace all the engines, most notably the one that exploded on a jet. rolls royce makes the engines on jets. they plan to replace the faulty ennes with new ones, then slap the engines back again when they're fixed. earlier this month the quantus 8380 made a safe emergency landing after one of its engines exploded and fell off.
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student whose school told him to remove the american flag off his bike. more than 5,000 motorcyclists escorted cody to school, all of them with flags on their bikes. school officials originally told cody to remove the flag from his bike after they sd other students had complained. cody said he was overwhelmed by all the support. the school system has changed its decision on the flag. coming up tonight, the dangers of buying medicine for your pet on line. it took the city by storm. now it will go down in the history of the language. we're gointo tell about you the rain that's faing d hey ove, i'm gonna need a bank. any ideas? capital one bank. they're everywhere.
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if you have a pet, you probably know how expensive their medicines can be. to save money, a lot ofpeople are turning to the internet, but as linda vacaro reports tonight,
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you have to be careful what you buy on line. ♪ how much is that doggy in the window ♪ >> like many older dogs, daphne, who is 14 years old, takes about eight medications a day, and their cost can add up. to save money, her owner shopped around and bought some medicine on line, but after taking it, daphne became ill. >> she could have actually died. on each one the label was taken off that had the expiration date on it. this is something the fda is very concerned about. >> reporter: it turns out daphne's medicine had expired. dr. murphy is at the animal hospital at the aspca. >> they might be expired, they might be counterfeit. >> but shopping for pet medicines on the web is become morg g moreommon. >> it's a little more reasonable than ordering it from the vet. >> one thing the fda said, if it seems too good to be true, it
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probably is. >> how do you know which web sites you can trust? >> generally speaking you should go to national pet sites like 1-800-pet medicine or petmedvets. or ask your vet. >> when searching on line, beware certain red flags. >> if there's not an address for that pharmacy, you should be suspicious. we also don't recommend going outside the united states. >> i stick to one company that i know i have good experiences w. >> now she orders from a different web site a daphne is back in good health. >> at the may not be the least expensive, but it's still better than buying it elsewhere and i know their product is always good. >> lane da >> linda vacarro, ne4. replacement crew members were broughtn for "the biggest loser."
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about 50 regular crew members for the show have gone on strike. they want to be represented by the international alliance of theatrical stage employees union. but the production companies behind the reality seres won't si a contract. they say the workers are already paid more than union scale. the blizzards that hit our region last winter are getting credit for adng a new word to our lexicon. the global language monitoras put snowmageddon on the list for the top ten. snompocalypse is another one. zuzugala, and refutiate, sarah palin's combination of the words refute and repudiate. the rain came in a little
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sooner than expected, huh? >> it did. my winter forecast, our winr forecast coming up 11:00 next monday. just to let you know. yeah, the rain came in about two hours earlier than i expected, and right now peop sitting at the redskins game are saying, wow, that weather guy. started off okay, not ended so well. outside rit now we have the clouds, we have the rain, and a little bit of fog out there as well. it is not a very nice night to be driving around. the roads definitely wet, and with all the leaves out there, definitely slick. a low this morning of 48. the average high temperature was 58 degrees. we were well above average and we've been on the cooler side lately, but not today. temperatures this morning were well above average. the rain is falling, winds are calm, and they're going to stay ght overnight tonight and into early tomorrow. temperaturewise 46 in frederick, 50 in sterling, 48 in manassas.
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i'm really not expecting temperatures to dro too much more over the next 12 hours or so. by the time you wake up, temperatures will pretty much be where they are right now, mayb a couple degrees less. the rain, it is falling. over toward the beltway, over ward loudon county light to moderate rain but it's coming down at a pretty good clip. you can see where this rain is coming from. it's a warm front crossing our area and that rain making its way up the south and the west. there are holes in this rain, so when you wake up tomorrow morning, send your kids off to school. definitely make sure they have the brella, but we'll see areas of rain. i don't think it will be raining everywhere and most rain will be light to maybe moderate. temperatures 44 to mayb 48 degrees. the rain will move out tomorrow morning, maybe a little bit of a break before more rain comes in. this willbe a pretty strong storm and will move through the area during the day tomorrow. we'll see periods of rain. some of that rain will be on the
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moderate side, but then we'll see this frontal boundary move throug and that will bring rainy conditions on thursday. back into the mountains of garrett county, back into west virginia, some of that cooler air. but during the day on wednesday, we'll actually still be able to warm up behind that cold front, maybe a little above average into the low 60s, but then the cooler air comes in wednesday night, thursday and into the day on friday as temperatures will be below average to end the ek. areas of rain light to moderate with some patchy fog. 44 to 49 degrees when you wake up and step outside the door tomorrow morning. as we movethrough the day tomorrow, expect periods of rain. some of it could be moderate at times, so make sure you bring the umbrella no matter what you're doing. 56 degrees tomorrow. not a cold rain, so that's good. 68 on wednesday, 68 on thursday, temperatures in the low 50s on
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friday, but it looks like it will be on the dry side for the weekend. harry potter hysteria arrives in washington again. they don't move like they usedto, they don't hit like they used to, but they [ male announcer ] washington, d.c.
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more opportunities happen. . don't you hate it when 19-year-old rookies get an injury? they haven't even started yet. >> it doesn't sound as severe -- you think about a sprain, it doesn't sound severe. we can only hope that it's not severe, but he was in a walking boot the other day and today on
11:24 pm
crutches. so we can only hope it's not that severe, you know what i mean? wizard rookie john wall will likely miss his first nba game tomorrow. that's according to the "washington post." wall sprained his left foot in saturday's game against chicago. today he was on crutches and did not practice. in the meantime, coach flip saunders is optimistic. he did not rule wall out for tomorrow's game against toronto. down a level, georgetown hostintulane tonight. how about jack the bulldog? he's always in the house. first half, georgetn with it. great ball movement. they work it over to chris wright. he drives, kicks it to austin freeman, and you kind of have to gud that guy. hits a wide open three-pointer. moments later, hoya is playing solid defense, creates the turnover, ball to chris wright, he can play. puts it up and hoya in control early on.
11:25 pm
with t ball ain, passes to jason clark and he makes a three-pointer. his grandmother passed away this afternoon, playing in honor of her this evening. pretty cool, he's playing with a heavy heart but had a good game. chris wright to frame it. pretty play there. game high 23 points, georgetown beat dulane 59-63. sir elton john and kanye west teaming to raise money for aids. hiv infection the highest in the country. andre agas and stephi graff
11:26 pm
saying hello. gets his racket on it. a lot of fun at au tonight. en navratilova serving again, and i tell you what, she still has it. >> she's just incredible. >> in 17 years of the event, they raised nearly $10 million for aids research. hometown hockey. alexder 7 was named one of the three stars of the week for the first time in his career today. semen was at the top with eight points and three ass. me -- assists. they were to release s dvd off the link and on m street out with ovechkin. the vip launch partys pretty fun. the dvd will be available tomorrow for $29.
11:27 pm
ovechkin will be signing autographs at 8:00 p.m. maybe i can get you a dvd. redskins losing 59-21 right now. >> but who is counting? >> it's kind of embarrass
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federal and city officials put plans in place to build a levy downtown today to avoid a
11:30 pm
calamity that coulbe caused by extreme flooding. the $5 million removable levy would be built near the shington monumt spanning 17th street along constitution avenue. >> otherwise, what would happen is there would be massive amount of flooding that would affect a lot of proper owners, businesses, people that own homes in that area. >> the yearlong construction of the levy should begin this winter. it could have a big impact on commuter traic around the national mall. ficials say they will do as much as possible to minimize disruption. the future of interstate 81 is the main topic of discussion during a two-day conference up in hagerstown. the 824-mile road runs from tennessee to the canadian border and through bothirginia and maryland. one of the major propals on the table is an expansion project to improve traffic congestion and safety.
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some harry potter fans got lucky tonight. they got a chance to see the newest movie in the series. a special screening of "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part i" was held in western connecticut avenue in d.c. it is the second to last film in the series. the moviepens nationwide on thursday at minight. there was also a secial screening of a new documentary about prince charles shown at the kennedy theater tonig. the show called "new harmony"
11:34 pm
outlines prince charles' work to find new innovations to global warming. nbc universal is the paren company of nbc4 and they hosted the event tonight. you can catch a special premier this friday at 10:00 on nbc4. it's all part of nbc4's annual green week. one more check on the weathe >> one more check. i have to show you this because it's coming. it is going to rain on you tonight and expect some rain tomorrow morning. degrees for a high tomorrow, but the rain will move out late tomorrow. maybe a quick shower wednesday morning but that's about it. dryer on wednesday and thursday, cooler on friy. >> thanks, doug. stay


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